Tiled & Insulated Roof
     Replacing the glass roof conservatory to the FixFlex roof has many pluses. Several layers of insulation allow you to isolate atmospheric conditions from you. And the additional advantage is soundproofing the room. What will give you comfort on heavy days. You can use many types of artificial tiles tailored to your needs and requirements. Different types of tiles have many years of manufacturer's warranty.
Conservatory Insulated Ceilings
      FixFlex roof will cause that in the conservatory we will obtain a ceiling in which a light spots are placed, thanks to which you will enjoy in the evenings a bright room. A dimmer will give a romantic light during the evening supper. After a few insulation, we get a new, more functional room. During the hot summer days, you can fully enjoy the room without worrying about hot temperatures. Replacement on the FixFlex roof allows you to enjoy conservatory through all seasons even in the winter you can easily use the room that got a new look and character.
A+  Windows
         If you want to preserve the character of conservatory, there is a way. An isolated room can be obtained using modern energy-saving A + windows.
       A + is a pane made of two layers of glass, which must be properly installed. The outer layer reflects UV light and reduces the amount of rays entering the room so that the room does not heat up as in normal windows. Is also insulated from the cold. The inside of the window makes it impossible to escape heat from the room.

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